We are a green corporation with our first store front opening soon.
Whether in our Boutiques or Running an Outdoor Fit Club our entire staff will consist of Trainers only with the exception of day care attendants.

At this time we are only hiring Personal Trainers with an interest in running Outdoor fit Clubs similar to "Boot Camps" (without the Boot or Camp).

   Thank you for your interest in becoming A fit Chick Trainer.  We are always looking for more enthusiastic professionals to add to our team.  Women helping women is what we are about.  We do receive quit a few resumes but please do not let that deter you! Motivation and determination is the recipe for success!  However, we are very selective in our hiring process.  If we hired just "any trainer", we would not be the successful corporation that we strive to be.  We are a specialty corporation so there are certain qualifications that we require in order for you to be considered.  If you do not meet our qualifications, we urge you to take serious consideration in doing what you can to meet them.  When you do, please submit your resume at that time.

  The following is a list of our requirements for consideration of employment.

A degree with a reputable "hands on" educational program in any of the following;
MAT Therapy
Optimal Performance Training
Personal Training
Sports Rehabilitation

AfC trainers
also must be in the process of completing or have completed certification courses in all of the following;
Biomechanics of Resistance Training
Lifestyle Coaching
Nutritional Guidance

Current CPR/AED certification is a must for all employee's of A fit Chick Inc.

Knowledge in building and maintaining a clientèle' is essential when working with the public. If you have no desire in working in a "sales" position, becoming a personal trainer is not the career for you. Sales and Marketing is a large part of your success as a Personal Trainer. You must actively practice these techniques in order to be successful in this field. You must be friendly, outgoing, and open to making new friends with people from all walks of life with no judgements. Being an open person will excel your career in the fitness industry.

The following is a list of benefits you receive as an AfC Trainer.

1.)   You are paid 60% of all services.(excluding sales tax)
2.)   You are paid as a 1099 employee.(no taxes are withheld from your paycheck)
3.)   You will show an income which is a must in today's economy.
4.)   We do all the advertising for you!(however; you will need to build your own personal reputation       within your community. The most successful professionals are those who are socially active)
5.)   We will help guide you in which social events to attend if needed.
6.)   We supply your business cards, AED unit, email address, and leads.
7.)   We will train you in our techniques of training, reading health registration forms, communicating with your clients, professionalism, professional etiquette, and any other help you may need in regards to building  and maintaining your clientèle.
8.)   You will have access to other highly certified female trainers you can trust, to sub if needed, or take on clients you may not be able to fit into your schedule.
9.)   You set your own locations, hours and schedule.
10.) We will help you find locations if needed.
11.) We register with the city make sure that your location is completely legal and safe.
12.) Insurance benefits are available if you choose to become an employee.

We believe that without our professional team, we have no business.
That's why we put you first!

Email your resume and copies of certifications attached to;

Created for Women, By Women.